Ooma looking good in this economy

Ooma – the $250 VoIP box that lets you make free calls in the US (and that lets you call the US for free from international locales, an undocumented perk to be sure) – is getting more and more popular thanks to the downturn.

With a new Chief Marketing Officer, Rich Buchanan, and a new price the system is now selling like cakes that are hot. The boxes are now sold at 1,300 stores and a new version is coming this year so we can expect great things from this little company. Great things!

Even the analysts like it!

Ross Rubin, an analyst with the NPD Group, said Ooma’s original price was prohibitive. But with the reduced price, the company has a chance to sell more boxes and make good on its larger service strategy, he said.

“Clearly the company is leading with the cost-savings argument, but if it can build up a strong enough installed base, they have an opportunity to turn it into more of a services platform,” Rubin said.

If you need cheap/free phone connectivity for mom and dad, take a look. I just started using it and I was skeptical at first but it’s working quite well.