Jive Launches All-In-One Social Enterprise Software

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Jive Software has launched a comprehensive Social Business Software application suite, Jive SBS 3.0, which includes the company’s previous social computing applications, Clearspace and Clearspace Community. The Clearspace applications, whose names will cease to exist but functionalities will remain the same, will be integrated into one social enterprise platform.

Modeled to offer Facebook-like features to enterprises, the software combines computing with social collaboration. The Clearspace app helps businesses hold collaborate on a variety of tasks, including holding discussions, sharing documents, blogging, running polls, and social networking features and more. The Clearspace Community app provides a platform that allows businesses to communicate effectively with customers and the broader community

Jive SBS 3.0’s goal to bridge together departments, partners and customers in a single community is enabled by new features like having a powerful data warehouse and activity tracking mechanism, adding video functionality for to train and engage employees, integrating social bookmarking apps to allow employees to track what’s important and having the ability to post content from a variety of sources to members of the greater community.

Jive had a bittersweet year in 2008, with the release the new version of its Clearspace software in April and an acquisition, mixed with substantial layoffs at the software company in the Fall. With the roll out of this comprehensive new application suite, Jive Software is changing things up a bit by providing a suite of software instead of individualized pieces. It’s definitely a risk to take, but sometimes the best results come from risks.

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  • http://www.allurefx.com Sekhar Ravinutala

    I guess the devil is in the details. The website seems to promise the world, but is vague on the specifics. They do have docs online (which is great), will have to check those out. If someone has tried SBS, please post experiences.

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  • WildZBill

    How much? I don’t see the word ‘free’, but I don’t see a price tag.
    Many of these features are free elsewhere, so I would not be very interested in negotiating with a salesman.

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      If you are looking for similar apps for free, check this out http://www.igloosoftware.com/free
      This platform includes group online collaboration, document version control, blog, wiki, forum, member activities, event calender, drag and drop to layout your community, and lots more

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert_Basil/732152641 Robert Basil

    I really hate it when a company can’t just give you a break-down on pricing. I don’t want to provide my company contact details so a salesman/woman can call me and try and hard sell me for 20 minutes on the phone.

    While searching for pricing info…

    “Jive SBS is tailor-made for large enterprises with at least 1,000 employees. Pricing varies widely because no two companies are alike. Besides determining whether you want to host it internally or have Jive host it for you, there’s also a high level of customization available to configure Jive SBS to specific users, community needs and business objectives. We also provide strategic consulting services, administrator and user education, and ongoing support. Please contact us below so we can learn more about your enterprise needs.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert_Basil/732152641 Robert Basil

      Wow, now I am getting messages on Facebook from people (a salesman?) at Jive trying to pump me for a sale.

      I guess my post above asking for a pricing structure without having to deal with a salesman trying to hard sell means nothing to the staff at Jive.

      Here is the message I received:

      “Dear Robert,

      Saw your comment on Jive s/w using facebook connect , and reached your profile.

      Am curious on what you do and if you would like to have further dialogue on collaboration software and the features you desire.

      We have a collaboration tool too, check out http://www.openteams.com , which we are trying our best to simplify for faster adoption.


      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nebiyu-Yohannes/753863864 nebiyu

        I assume you already figured it out, but that person and that message aren’t from jive.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert_Basil/732152641 Robert Basil

        Yes I did, my apologies to Jive.

  • http://www.bronsonharrington.com Bronson

    I checked out Clearspace and Clearspace Community a while back and was blown away at how these guys push the envelope when it comes to developing enterprise collaboration and community building software solutions.

    I am still building a case and assessing the fit of these two as well as cyn.in for our teams collaborative needs.

    • http://myinfomatrix.com Suraj Singh

      Nice short and sweet article. Would be more helpful as pointed about above, to have pricing structures indicated. Maybe also more specifics as to what the software does, and how it can enhance collaboration. Finally – a comparison to Google Docs, 37 Signals, Adobe Connect & Others?

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  • http://blog.blogtronix.com vassil mladjov

    Well, Jive is almost as expensive as IBM, MSFT and Oracle now. They have per CPU pricing and now with the “new” suite, I think companies may have to pay differently for the different app setups. At blogtronix, we are trying to save people money and give them more value for the buck in the recession, so our prices are about 1/2 of what Jive charges and you still get the same “suite” of social enterprise tools if not even a better once ;)

    • WildZBill

      So what is 1/2? Throw some numbers out.
      In this marketplace we want everything for a very low subscription price.
      What I want to see is a social site that is similar to FaceBook, but with a lot of business tools, for about $20 a month per user.
      Let me collaborate in every possible way with associates all over the globe. Let me buy and sell services and information. Let me decide who sees what information on my profile.
      Make it exciting, make it fun, make it work.
      Create ways for people to work from home and make good money.
      Allow subscribers to create content and get paid for it.
      Or are you afraid of becoming the largest site on the internet?

      • http://blog.blogtronix.com vassil mladjov

        We do this today man. And if you want to pay $20, that’s fine with me, we want only $5 per user ;)

  • http://communati.com/blog/fornls Change Your Life for Better

    I had heard about Jive in the last year but didn’t pay much attention to it. It is common to see that any company that was good last year has got to do lot of cost cutting with layoffs etc. just to survive in this recession.

    It would have floated like any other good company if economy was good. Then how good is its software?

  • Kelly

    Jive products does not provide much added value for the huge price they are asking. Alternative products are available on the web for free, or at a fraction of the price.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ajay_Sanghani/863760342 Ajay Sanghani

    I suspect Facebook like features will be too overwhelming for an enterprise user. Too many features may also lead to lot of noise and waste of time.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert_Basil/732152641 Robert Basil


      You also might want to disclose with your comments here that you are a Jive employee.

      Thanks for spamming my inbox on Facebook about your services and completely ignoring the reason for my original comment.

      • Curtis Gross

        Ajay does not have any association with Jive.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert_Basil/732152641 Robert Basil

        I figured it out not long after my post, my apologies to Jive.

  • http://ziadsultan.com/ ZSultan

    Typically, when it comes to new technologies in the enterprise, one of the biggest obstacles to adoption is cultural inertia, mostly due to processes that have been in place for a long time

    What is interesting in this space is that the consumer web is changing the culture at the level of the individual in the company. This facilitates the adoption of new social/collaboration technologies at the level of the enterprise.

    What other enterprise changes will be enabled by forces rooted in the consumer web?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wesley_Williams/711180509 Wesley Williams

    I’ll take Lotus Connections instead please.


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    At least they’ve got a decent name. Jive Turkey.

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