ZoomInfo Scores Deal With Microsoft To Integrate Search Into CRM

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ZoomInfo, a popular business information search engine used to find information about industries, companies and people is partnering with Microsoft to integrate its search engine into Microsoft‘s Dynamic CRM platform. ZoomInfo’s search engine has proven to be a useful tool to incorporate into CRMs because its research capabilities help identify new sales leads, expand data on existing customers, create more qualified leads and provide a single data source to integrate sales and marketing teams. Sugar CRM and SalesForce.com are also using ZoomInfo’s comprehensive search capabilities within their platforms.

ZoomInfo’s technology may not be sexy but its proven to be the basis for a good business model. The company is profitable, which in these economic times is tough for both big and small enterprises. Plus, ZoomInfo’s semantic based search engine and its vast information-delivery capabilities have caught the eye of quite a few Fortune 500 tech companies, including Oracle and Yahoo! (ZoomInfo offers a premium service products like highly powered executive only searches to companies).

ZoomInfo’s technology crawls the web to extract business information about companies and people from sources such as press releases and corporate bios on websites. The company claims its intelligence algorithm can even differentiate information about people that hold the same name.

Sugar CRM and SalesForce also connect to other competitive third-party business information databases, such LinkedIn and Hoover’s, so ZoomInfo’s engine is not the primary business information source for many CRMs. But scoring a deal with Microsoft and remaining profitable should help ZoomInfo’s applications remain competitive among fellow business search engines.

Here’s a screenshot of the integration of ZoomInfo’s on Microsoft’s CRM:

  • http://smartbabesaresexy.blogspot.com Smart Babes Are Sexy Blog

    Can you please explain what you mean by “scores a deal with Microsoft”?

    Is Microsoft paying them, or are they paying Microsoft?

  • http://8posts.blogspot.com/ 8 O'clock Posts

    ZoomInfo is a free people search engine that scours the Web for information about people, and nothing else.

    • http://www.skipease.com Skipease People Search

      Zoominfo is a decent people search, but I am not sure how there people search results would be used by MS CRM search.

  • https://spideroak.com Daniel

    It would probably be an idea to fix/implement their company registration before starting to sell data. Just a thought..

  • http://www.dailyhack.net Charlie Flowers

    I’m curious as to how many people actually use ZoomInfo. I have heard of it, but have never used it…and, until I clicked the link above, had never been to the website.

    • http://alexwilhelm.com Alex Wilhelm

      They found me. But really, charging to see my email? It’s on my blog!

  • http://www.amenito.com/ AMENITO

    From my point of view, I find it very interesting tool for those seeking such information. But tell me, will be avoiding the privacy of individuals? is a very sensitive issue invade privacy, at least in my country! greetings

  • Falafulu Fisi

    I am surprised that Microsoft hasn’t developed such product themselves since they’ve got top researchers in the search engine field, such as Prof. Susan Dumais (Head Researcher of the Adaptive Systems & Interaction Group, at Microsoft Research) , who invented the most popular algorithm called LSI (latent semantic indexing) which is a cornerstone of text search engine in today’s computing environment.

    I have come across on the internet on an article that says that Google now uses LSI in addition to its PageRank for its search engines. LSI indexes the content of documents while PageRank indexes the links of pages.

    Perhaps this is a move from Microsoft to probably acquire Zoominfo at a later stage.

    • Matt

      Interesting story in SemanticWeb on what makes ZoomInfo hard for Microsoft to duplicate – http://www.semanticweb.com/article.php/12160_3808311_2

      • Falafulu Fisi

        There is nothing hard for the likes of Microsoft, Google, IBM, Yahoo to develop. Reason, because their R&D teams (an army of PhDs) conduct original researches (things that have never been done before) and this is where new product innovation comes from (a competitive advantage).

        I think that some of the main reasons these software titanic acquires other companies is because:

        #1) retain existing customers (which is something that takes time to build).

        #2) retain the brand name (again it is something that takes time to build).

        These software titans can develop anything, even if they’re very complex and this is fact. One just have to take a look at the number of peer review research papers that are pouring out from the Web Search & Mining group at Microsoft Research, Asia Division. The selected publications available from the Web Search & Mining group, does cover everything that ZoomInfo software does and perhaps go beyond the capability of ZoomInfo system. This shows that Microsoft (or Google, IBM, et al) already know what other products from different vendors can or can’t do. They would go ahead and develop it if their management see a market for it and it has business advantage. They can do it if they want to. But in the business world, it is easier to form partnership with someone who’s already in there in that domain, while evaluating whether to develop those product yourself, acquire others or stick with the partnership.

  • Anti Matter

    Hey guys. This is off beat but important none the less. Does anyone know about these guys called clonescriptz.com?


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  • http://www.twittercreations.com Twitter Creations

    i have heard of clonescriptz.com before. i am trying to find out where…

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  • Matt

    ZoomInfo also just announced new intelligence for BtoB companies targeting SMBs – 2.4 million companies with 500 or less employees and the millions of people that own and work in this sector of the economy – http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Midmarket/ZoomInfo-Offers-SMB-Marketing-Sales-Data/

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  • tekkiegurl
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    […] sobre negocios que se utiliza para encontrar información sobre compañías, industrias y personas, ha firmado un acuerdo con Microsoft para integrar su motor de búsqueda en la plataforma de CRM Microsoft […]

  • jenkins

    can’t stand this product!

  • http://www.multiplicationbingo.net/ MultiplicationBingo

    i use a based SugarCRM and works pretty cool, not problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marc_Perramond/704584668 Marc Perramond

    Leena, can you respond to the questions in the initial comment above?

    What is the nature of the “deal”? Or was this just an issue of word choice? In my opinion “deal” typically means (a) exchange of money and/or (b) some notion of exclusivity. I’m aware of neither.

    Certainly no exclusivity as Hoovers and ZoomInfo both announced their integrations with Microsoft this week for Convergence. And InsideView announced it’s integration way back in September – http://tinyurl.com/akau84

  • http://ducknetweb.blogspot.com/ Barbara A Duck

    This is a very good tool, have used their free add on for Outlook, give that a try and see if you like it.

    I like the fact that I can look for someone on the web without having to leave Outlook. Here’s a write up I did, focusing on the healthcare portion of Microsoft Dynamics since it is a healthcare blog, but pick up on the “who’s that person” from Firefox if you have not already found it, great tool as well.


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  • Jace Wilton

    Zoominfo is interesting. Mickey mouse is listed as the CEO of Disney. Data is 8 years old in some cases. When they demonstrate it, it looks real slick. The VP of sales at my company bought it and it never worked.

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