Boxee adds Hulu support (kind-of). App Box, and auto update

We’ve already shown you one dirty way of re-enabling Hulu on Boxee but now there is an official work around direct from Boxee via RSS. The latest build adds support for video RSS fees and so…all you need to do is add Hulu’s public RSS feed to the app’s reader. It’s surely not as sexy as the past application, but it’s better than nothing. Plus, App Box and auto update show how fast this alpha release is maturing.

App Box is the companies first take on 3rd party app support by offering users a single location to install and select add-ons. Auto update is just what it sounds like: an auto update feature to notify the user about new release and install them. Both are welcome additions to the already killer media platform. However, the company does offer some words of caution.

this is a bleeding-edge release. not for the faint of heart since it did not go through much testing. we are on track to release a more stable update on March 24th.