Video Review: Acoustibuds Earphone Adapters


Short Version: Promising to stay in better, sound better, and feel better than the earpieces on your standard inexpensive headphones, Acoustibuds do indeed work as advertised.

Video Review:

What They Do:

You use Acoustibuds in the place of the little foam doodads that normally cover the earpieces on cheap headphones. The company’s claim is that your headphones will stay in your ear better, your music will sound better, and your headphones will feel better thanks to small rubber fins that adjust to the inside of your ears, holding your headphones in place while blocking out ambient noise better than standard foam covers can.

What You Get:

Two sizes, small and large, for $13. The small adapters have five little fins on them, while the large ones have six.

Do They Work?

Yes, and surprisingly well given how inexpensive they are. I can definitely attest to them staying in better and feeling better. Whether or not they sound better is subjective, but I thought they did. They give your music a better lower end – the bass feels richer. They block out sound better, too, so your ears absorb more of your music.

They’re not $100+ noise canceling headphones, though. They simply make your crappy, cheapie earbuds a little less crappy and $13 less cheapie.

I used them primarily with a pair of Sennheiser MX300s and they improved the already-decent headphones’ sound enough that I’ll keep using them indefinitely. They really shine with cell phone headsets which are, by nature, uncomfortable. I’ve been using them with my standard HTC headset and it’s now much more bearable to use.

Should You Buy Them?

Sure, go ahead. They’re $13. If you want them for even one of the three claims (stays in better, sounds better, feels better), then they’ll already be worth it.

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