AvaLung backpack provides breathable air when you're trapped in an avalanche


The AvaLung backpack does more than just carry your personal belongings; it also functions as an extra set of lungs. Imagine that you’re on the mountain skiing and all of the sudden an avalanches rolls down after you and traps you under the snow. No need to worry, AvaLung saves the day, transforming the CO2 built up under the snow into breathable air. The air is directed to the user’s mouthpiece via respiratory tubing. What about CO2 contamination, you ask? The exhaled air is redirected out the opposite end of the pack. When the user inhales or exhales, valves within the AvaLung open and close to minimize CO2 contamination.

If you don’t want the bulkiness of a backpack but want the extra life support, the AvaLung II (pictured on the right) functions just as well. You can find these through the manufacturer’s website, Black Diamond Equipment, or from Amazon. Prices start at $69.95.