Grateful Dead eBook app available for iPhone

gratefuldead_ebookIf the Kindle eBook app isn’t your thing, you might be interested in a new eBook app for the iPhone and iPod Touch dedicated to the Grateful Dead. That’s right: a dedicated app for a single eBook about the world’s most successful potheads.

I’m skeptical about the long-term usefulness of a single application for a single eBook. What’s the likelihood someone will re-read the eBook? Isn’t something like this — especially something like this — better suited as a large format dead tree book you can put on your coffee table, or next to your commode?

Moreover, doesn’t it seem a little short-sighted to use a single app to deliver a single book? Wouldn’t a book framework — a la the Kindle’s iPhone app — provide greater long-term convenience to users, as well as reduce the time required to prepare and release additional content for said app?

Craig Adam created the cover artwork for this eBook titled “Touch of Grey.” This eye-popping interpretation of Blakesberg’s 1991 portrait of Jerry Garcia combines the patented Photomosaic® technology with Jay’s photo archive to create a stunning visual documentation that captures the musical, personal, and cultural experience of the “Dead” on-stage and off. Double-tap or pinch to zoom into the Photomosaic all the way to the full resolution of a single image. Each interactive photograph contains information such as the location, date and photographer notes. Users can e-mail each image to a friend or start a blog-like conversation in the Deadhead forum.

Okay, I admit, that’s a pretty cool application of technology. I’ll totally buy the Iron Maiden app when it comes out, so I can work through a photomosaic of Eddie the Head.

Looks like apps for David Bowie and the Rolling Stones may be coming soon, too.

Via MarketWire