F Wave: Fuji Electric develops ultra-light solar module


Fuji Electric developed a solar cell module that is just 1mm thick and weighs only about 8kg/m2, which is 50% less than conventional crystal Si-based solar cell modules. The amorphous “F Wave” (size: 2m x 50cm) will be commercialized for use in large areas such as roof tops starting this month (the commercial version will be sized at 4mx50cm).

Using a 0.8mm steel plate as a basis, Fuji Electric says the module is highly flexible, but it only has a power generation efficiency of 8%, while comparable Si-based cell boast up to 16%. The company’s long-term is to improve the efficiency to 12%.

The F Wave was exhibited at the 2nd International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo (PV EXPO 2009) last week in Tokyo. Fuji Electric also showcased another lightweight prototype solar cell that uses an aluminum frame and weighs just 3kg/m2.

Via Tech On