Disney has a plan to sell more Blu-ray titles – good thing someone does


Blu-ray movies are selling but the format’s backers want more sales and Disney has a plan which may increase the sales. Here it is: Offer Blu-ray movies two full days before the standard DVD. Crazy, I know, but it might sway some buyers to purchasing the more pricey HD format instead of waiting two full days for the normal, less expensive DVD.

The plan starts with Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories on Sunday, April 5 with Bolt adapting the same release schedule on March 22. Maybe it will work. Some people¬†absolutely¬†must have the movie first and if it’s available on a Sunday instead of the traditional Tuesday, then those folks might spring for the higher price option early. Who knows. I only bought one movie last year: The Dark Knight. I can’t tell you what the last movie i purchased was; maybe one of the Spidermans.