Corsair's first PC case looks nice, black

headline1This is an age of experimentation, people. A golden age in which motherboard manufacturers can become household names in a year’s time and memory manufacturers can suddenly decide to make a PC case for no reason but that they feel like it. Corsair, RAM extraordinaire, has done just this. Their as-yet-unnamed full-tower case is being shown at CeBIT, and by golly, it actually looks pretty nice.

It actually reminds me of the NZXT Whisper I reviewed, mostly in that it’s big, black, and solid steel (kind of like me). The similarities end there — or they would if the layout of the interior wasn’t also slightly similar. But! The similarities really end there, because instead of a front-mounted fan it’s got some hot-swappable (again, like me) SATA drives, and more of the air-moving hardware is on the top of the case. It’s uncommon but far from impractical. Anyone running multiple OSes, or with a lot of storage to deal with, would appreciate those front bays.

We’ll see what we can do about getting our hands on one. In the meantime, let’s think of some nice nautically-themed names for this thing, since Corsair loves that stuff. Jolly Roger? Black Flag? Mainsail? The possibilities are without number!