YouTube Holds A Casting Call To Educate Its Users

In the last year, YouTube has introduced a slew of new features, including deep linking, improved analytics, and a new API. But aside from a few very obvious additions, like the bump up to HD, most people have no idea that many of these features exist. YouTube is looking to change that.

The site is launching a new Adopt A Feature campaign, inviting users to create videos showing off some of its lesser-known features, like AudioSwap. YouTube will track the progress of the features on its blog, and will present the most effective videos on the YouTube homepage and as permanent additions to its help pages.

Below is a sample video showing off the site’s ‘Subscription‘ feature by YouTube celeb LisaNova. Aside from being a little bizarre, the video is notable for LisaNova screaming at her caveman comrade for asking if YouTube was free (she shrieks “It’s YouTube, of course it’s free!” in response). Sounds like the general population might not be quite ready for the site’s paid videos, which rolled out last month.

To take part, users can choose from the following features (be sure to include the associated tags so that the system picks them up):
AudioSwap (use tags: audioswap, adoptafeature)
Country and Language Options (use tags: countrypulldown, adoptafeature)
Insight (use tags: insight, adoptafeature)
Playlists (use tags: playlists, adoptafeature)
Quick Capture (use tags: quickcapture, adoptafeature)
Subscriptions (use tags: subscriptions, adoptafeature)

For more details, check out the YouTube blog post here.