Rumor: Rumor has it this is the LG Rumor 2. (Rumor.)

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It only took typing the word “Rumor” four times before it stopped looking like an actual word. That word might look fake, but this leaked shot purported to be the LG Rumor 2 certainly doesn’t.

We’re still missing specs, but on a completely superficial level it looks like fans of the original Rumor will feel right at home here. The D-Pad has changed, the QWERTY keyboard got an extra row of keys, but it seems like that’s about all that’s different.

The original Rumor goes for right around $30 bucks and, unless LG has stuffed some monster hardware into the followup, we’d wager the Rumor 2 will go for a similar low-end price point whenever it makes its way to the shelf.

[via Unwired View]

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