Roofit: Sharp introduces super-flexible solar panels for residential use


Sharp Japan today presented an extra-versatile residential-use solar power generation system [JP] that can be installed even on small or oddly shaped rooftops (the picture above shows the power conditioner unit). The new system, dubbed Roofit, will be available in Japan starting April. Sharp didn’t say anything about their international plans.

The company claims the system cover up to 24% more area than any product currently produced by competitors. By combining small with larger modules, Roofit can be used with almost any roof shape. Buyers can cover spaces as small a 7-25cm with modules, compared with 117cm achieved before.


Sharp will begin by selling the solar systems in the greater Tokyo area first. There are four different modules available, with maximum outputs ranging from 60.5W to 160W and prices from $450 to $780.

Via Kaden Watch