PC case looks like an old-school VCR


Yes, you could absolutely build a PC into an actual old VCR that you don’t use any more but this solution seems far easier if you’re willing to part with some of your money. I tried building a computer into an old VCR once but I gave up after figuring out how many holes I’d have to punch just to get everything to line up.

If you’re looking to build a cool-looking media PC, though, and you want to kiss it with a bit of nostalgia, this barebone system from Maplin in the UK might do the trick. You add your own RAM, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the preinstalled Intel motherboard and CPU.

There’s a built-in Intel GMA 900 graphics chip with an included HDMI output and a DVB-T tuner so you can get your DVR functions all up and running. That means this setup’s a Europe-only affair unless you have the wherewithal to replace that DVB-T thing with an ATSC device that’ll work with TV signals here in North America.

The Barebone Media Entertainment PC is on sale for £149.99 ($211.50 US), down from £249.99. It’s currently out of stock but this price will be good until March 17th.

Barebone Media Entertainment PC [Maplin via Red Ferret]