DeskSpaceGenie lets you rent out that spare office desk

DeskspaceGenie launches today as a marketplace for people who want to rent desks and others to rent out. It sounds like a God-send for people with spare desks and who need the revenue in these tough times – and could be great for small startups who could well get deskspace for a fraction of the normal market prices. The site will be aimed at freelancers, journalists, entrepreneurs, designers, and anyone.

They are starting out with a two month beta trial where it’s free to advertise the deskspace, but look out for some kind of charging after that. The initial focus is on Bristol, Manchester, London, Brighton and Birmingham.

The venture is a new business from the “vertical search network” company genie ventures owned by Philip Wilkinson and Ciaron Dunne.

Future plans include Twitter / Facebook integration, the launch of sister site “meetingspacegenie”, and the rollout of more cities.

Who will be hit by this? Perhaps Gumtree, but not by much. Regis offices tend to be for larger companies who need dedicated space, but who knows, it may have some effect on their business.