Apple's $1000 RAM upgrade for iMacs better come with free diamonds

You might not have noticed this, but if you go to upgrade your RAM to 8GB in your new iMac, you’re going to be paying a pretty penny. Now, it should be noted that 4GB DIMMS are very expensive already, so it’s certainly not all Apple markup. It seems a bit strange that they’d even offer it in a consumer system like this. Sure, if you can afford a new Mac Pro you can afford that $6100 memory upgrade, but who’s getting an iMac and willing to drop an extra grand on memory?

The problem is just that the iMac’s board only has room for 2 DIMMs. 4GB DDR3 1066MHz costs at least a couple hundy a stick. If Apple had allowed iMacs the space to have 4 DIMMs, they could sell 4x2GB DIMMs instead of 2x4GB, saving probably around $700. Evidently they weren’t interested.

[Thanks to the people at Reddit for pointing this out]