Video Review: Snuggie Blanket

The Snuggie Blanket – as seen on TV!!! – is a miracle of modern technology. See, it’s a blanket except it has arm holes. You stick your arms in the aforementioned arm holes and, boom, you’re wearing a Snuggie. Easy as falling in love.

Guess what else? If you order a Snuggie, you get two Snuggies! The whole shebang costs $19.95 plus $7.95 for shipping on the first Snuggie and another $7.95 for shipping on the second Snuggie. That’s where they get you.

You won’t feel ripped off for long, though, because you also get two free book lights! These lights clamp to your book and transform from “not on” mode to “opposite of off” mode. The actual transformation is really cool and will ensure that you read a lot more than usual.

The Snuggie comes in three colors: Burgundy, Royal Blue, or Sage Green.


  • Cheap!
  • Book lights!
  • Sorta warm!


  • You look dumb!
  • No back protection!
  • Lots of static!

We just had a snow storm in Boston here today so I went outside to see if the Snuggie could replace a winter coat. I found out that “no” it could not. It’s best for indoor use. All of that information (and more) is detailed in the above video. All in all, I like my Snuggie. My wife got it for me as a joke, but the joke’s on her because I wear it all the time and walk around the house looking like some sort of frumpy wizard. She let me have the second Snuggie too.

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