Sony's refreshes its EX headphone line

Sony has updated its primary line of headphones, starting with the EX-33LP and EX-35LP at the rather suspicious price of $20, and moving on up to the EX-300 and EX-500LP at $80 and $130, respectively. Note that all but the EX-300 have “LP” in their names, which seems to signify nothing at all. I must say that I’ve had my eyes opened by Klipsch as to the possibilities of in-ear headphones, so it’s certainly possible that you’re getting serious gains all the way to the top of the price spectrum there.

Just promise me you won’t get the $20 ones. I’d rather take a tomahawk to the eardrum than listen to bottom-of-the-barrel headphones at this point. I can’t speak ill of Sony’s headphone quality, though – I’ve had a couple pairs and they were good to me. You can buy with confidence as long as you spend more than a couple bucks.

The headphones sport vague and probably somewhat less than momentous changes over their predecessors (how often can the drivers be revolutionized?), and they’re available now at