Japanese company sells parent and kid security robot pair


Tokyo-based security and electronics company ALSOK announced An-9RR [JP] today, a pair of two robots that can be used for security purposes and are also able to replace human receptionists. The An-9RR consists of a “parent” robot that stands 76.5cm tall and its “kid”, which is just 26.4cm tall.

Equipped with a camera and several sensors, the main unit (weight: 35kg) is able to recognize a visitor’s face or voice, take reservations, greet people and say goodbye. It also keeps records of people coming into the buildings it guards.

Visitors can use the parent robot’s built-in touch panel to call people up or get information about the building. In emergency situations, the robot will produce a loud sound and send alarm emails to cell phones of human security personnel.


Weighing just 1.5kg, the kid robot is portable (and cuter), but it’s only usable for security purposes. The robotic pair costs $30,000 or can be leased in Japan for $700 a month over a 4-year period.