Batman full-zip hoodie with eye holes


Ah, finally the perfect sweatshirt for walking the streets at night. The $75 “Batman Full Image Full Zip-Up! Hoodie” by Lot 29 is sure to NOT creep anybody out when you zip the thing all the way up over your face and take the neighborhood watch concept to a whole new level.

“But, Doug, how will I see with my sweatshirt zipped all the way up?!” you whine, defiantly. Through the magic of see-through mesh eye holes. Think of it as an unsettling two-way mirror into your local criminals’ souls. Caped Crusader? Maybe not. Awkward kid with his sweatshirt zipped up over his head, possibly with some mental issues? Absolutely.


The hoodie can be purchased at, although they’re all sold out at the moment. Of course they are.

Supehero Hoodies, clothing, apparel [ via Likecool]