Woman finds cell phone in bag of chips


A Wisconsin woman opened a bag of Clancy’s Ripple Potato Chips and found a super old Nokia cell phone inside. Ewww! Who uses a Nokia that old?! I mean, ewww, a cell phone in a bag of chips! The phone apparently wouldn’t turn on but it had a T-Mobile SIM inside “and a discolored circle on the back, as if it was once connected to a belt clip.”

The chips were purchased from an Aldi store and, according to the Janesville Gazette, the woman was told that “the store would pull all the chips with the same brand and expiration date as hers.” She was also offered a new bag of chips but she refused, saying “You kind of don’t want chips for a while.” An investigation is currently underway by the FDA.

Local woman finds unpleasant surprise in her potato chips [Gazettextra.com via Consumerist]