Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder camera comes back from the dead


Epson today announced a new(ish) camera with a digital rangefinder [JP]. The very pretty R-D1xG, an update to the R-D1 (the first digital rangefinder camera ever made) and RD-1s, respectively, will ship in Japan on April 9 for $2,000. It’s unknown at this point when the camera will be released outside Japan.

Epson improved the image processor, added SDHC card support (up to 32GB) and improved the LCD screen (from 2 to 2.5 inches). The other specs remain unchanged: 6 megapixel APS-C CCD sensor, SD card support, Leica M and L lens support and ISO sensitivity from 200 to 1600.

The older R-D1 and R-D1s, which were discontinued a while back, can get the SDHC support with a new firmware update.