Doin' the Aqua Dance

bandai-aqua-danceNanotechnology has such promise. From medicine, electronics, even for energy production, for years we’ve heard that nanotech is the future. They’ve talked about it Stargate for goodness sake! So what do modern manufacturers do with this amazing and possible ground breaking technology? Make toys.

Bandai, creators of such toys as the Engine Sentai Robot and the Tamagotchi has taken nanotech in a whole new direction. They have created the Bandai Aqua Dance. The Aqua Dance is a type of fountain that uses a table treated with special nanotech surface. This causes the water to form up into small beads as they travel across the table, and then drop back into a resevoir and are pumped back through the system. All in all, a cool take on the classic fountain. 

Currently not available for sale in the US, and most likely never will be. But it’s always interesting to see what toy makers do with technology.

[via DVICE]