BMW developing adaptive navigation systems


Dare we call the current crop of GPS units dumb. While they can tell you how to get between A or B, they don’t really know you. BMW’s upcoming Intelligent Learning Navigation System, or ILENA for short, will get to know you and your spouse intimately.

Exact details are in German, but so far we get that the system will learn your driving habits and routes to better assist in navigation and fuel economy. It seems like this is activated by the users Bluetooth or docked phone but there certainly must be an onscreen user select mode as well.

So, Molly Sue gets into her speedy, red 335i. The system will adjust the seat and mirrors for her small stature and cue up her daily routes and adjust the navigation accordingly. When Jack Huge gets into the car however, the seats automagicly adjust for him and the twin-turbo engine knows it’s in for a world of hurt, but the navigation is adjusted to save a bit of gas by selecting better routes.

We hear the system is about 80% accurate currently and only in development stages, but are you ready to have your car know everything about you and where you went. Me: Nope.