Toyota looking to build next hybrid from seaweed

conceptTrying to improve on their existing hybrid tech, Toyota is looking at what materials actually go into that hybrid you’ve been looking at. One of the more esoteric materials that they are considering is bioplastics.

Now, bioplastics aren’t exactly new: they are currently used in biodegradable products, but can also be produced in such a way that they don’t break down. One would assume that Toyota would use the type that doesn’t break down, for obvious reasons. The biggest improvement would be that it uses less oil products, and would be considerably more eco-friendly.

The bad news is, don’t expect to see this for about 15 years. There is a concept car that was seen at an Australian auto show, but it’s not going to be available for a while. 

In other news, did you see that Camry concept car? That’s a hybrid that I might even consider driving.

[via Wired]