Oh look, a World of Warcraft Optimus keyboard theme


What good is that Optimus keyboard without World of Warcraft? None good, I say, which is why it brings me great joy to see this homebrew WoW layout. It was created by one of the blokes at an Optimus Keyboard message board—message boards are the new salons—and is primarily for Warlocks.

As you can see, many (all? I’ve never played as a Warlock) of the icons from the game’s action bar are somewhere on the keyboard—I recognize a few spells on the left-hand side.

And you’d have to admit that this is merely an aesthetic mod, since when you’re playing the game it’s not like you’re staring at the keyboard. Nope, your eyes are fixated on the monitor, looking at damage meters and the like.

Still, fun, I guess. That’s the Internet’s raison d’etre: pointless, but fun stuff.