Kindle 2: Disassemble? No disassemble!

iFixIt has ripped apart their Kindle 2 and splayed its green innards for all to see. Anything amazing? Not much, but now we see the OEM – Lab126 – which is actually Amazon’s in-house design team.

The Kindle was designed by Lab126, a secretive Amazon subsidiary based in Cupertino that designs consumer devices. Thus far, they have only released the Kindle 1 and 2.

Most interestingly the battery is actually easy to find and attack, given enough patience. Because this is basically a press-fit case, you need to use annoying iPod opening tools which will definitely void your warranty. However, it does mean you could potentially bybass Amazon’s $60 battery replacement fee if you were so inclined.

The coolest thing iFixIt did was to remove the battery to discover that the screen remained “on,” displaying the Kindle boot screen for all to see. It also runs a 532 MHz ARM-11 processor and has 2GB of flash memory. Kuake anyone? Kindle Linux?