I've Seen The Future Of Mashups, And Its Name Is PizzaShare

What could be yummier than a mashup using the Google Maps API to crowdsource and pinpoint the best pizza places in America? Thanks to PizzaShare, you’ll hopefully never have to wonder where to get them slices because you can just enter the city or zip code and go for the one that has the biggest circle. It’s as easy as pie (you knew that was coming, right?).

Seriously though, there are plenty of services on the web and on mobile devices that you could use to find a decent pizza place if you’re ever somewhere where neither you or anyone you know can tell you which one’s “the best” (Yelp leaps to mind). Also, the downside of crowdsourcing is that you have to at least try to prevent gaming; PizzaShare lets you vote (share) on a pizza place as much as you wish.

Creator Mike Mueller says he’s going to keep adding new features to PizzaShare, like geo-location, tagging, microblogs for each pizzeria, a recommendation tool, etc.

My advice? Don’t give up on your day job just yet (but keep building stuff).

You can follow Mueller’s PizzaShare blog here, it’s about pizza mostly.