Want to enable 1password in the Safari 4 Beta? Here's how.


After weeks of dealing with Firefox running like a pile of hot garbage on both of my Macs, I made the jump over to the Safari 4 Beta as soon as word of it broke this morning. All was well until I went to go log in to pay my gas bill, when I suddenly realized that I had no idea what the passwords were for my less frequently used services. 1password keeps track of all that junk for me, and suddenly 1password was no where to be found. I was alone. Fortunately, it’s a pretty easy fix.

Update: 1password now has a Safari 4 compatible version up on their Beta servers, so you have two options. If you’d rather stick with your current version, follow the steps below. If you don’t mind double-dipping in Beta territory, just go enable Beta downloads in 1password (Preferences » Updates, hit “Include Beta Versions”) and then click the “Check Now” button.

How to enable 1password in the Safari 4 Beta:

  1. Close Safari
  2. Go to the /Applications/ folder
  3. Right click on 1password.app, hit “Show Package Contents”
  4. Navigate to /Contents/Resources/
  5. Double click on SupportedBrowsers.plist. If you have Apple’s development tools installed, it’ll open in the Plist editor. If not, it’ll open in plaintext.
  6. If you’re using the Plist editor, expand the “Safari” drop-down (Just click the little arrow beside Safari).
  7. Look for the MaxBundleVersion key with a value of 5528.1 – change it to 5528.16. Save.
  8. Open Safari

You can now use 1password via the right click menu in Safari Beta 4. If you want to add the 1password button to your toolbar, go to View > Customize Toolbar in Safari and drag it over. Enjoy easy access to all of your junk!

[Via Safari4Beta]