The most blatant use of sex to launch a startup ever? Probably.

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Social travel match engine Gekko has yet to even launch. But it’s seeding it’s emergence with a viral video which leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Gekko’s “” promo says the service will match you with hotels and restaurants based on your profile and like minded people. So far, so similar. There are almost certainly a number of other sites that claim to do the same thing, to a greater or lesser extent.

However, will we actually remember what Gekko does after seeing its ads? I rather doubt it. If they are going to head down this route then they should at least have a version with a guy in it as well, to balance things out, right?

  • CPB

    What the heck? This should be rated XXX.. Parents don’t let your children access or watch this video.. But i like it..

  • Girl with a one track mind

    The most boring use of female sexuality, for sure – and I’m no prude: I like sexual imagery just fine, thanks.

    But I always ask why the creators of campaigns like this never substitute males in the female roles, and the answer, usually, is that men don’t want to watch other men appearing sexual or sexualised, thus reinforcing that the expected viewer of this ad will be male.

    I can’t be arsed to go into all the reasons that’s offensive to women, but really, this ad is just dull. Doesn’t sell me the product, and since my gender makes up >50% of the population, I’d call that one big marketing FAIL.

  • Pascal

    This is just bad. Unfortunately it’s not even funny…

  • Alex Bainbridge

    Couple of things

    1) There is already a well established travel planning site called
    Having two travel planning sites with very similar names may cause some brand confusion in the future?

    2) I am not a prude – but the travel industry is a global industry. Many of the mid-haul destinations from the UK are the middle east. This kind of video may not travel outside of Europe that well……


  • Lloyd Davis

    OK, so aside from the pointless vapidity and inappropriate imagery of the ad, why was all of this going on in the middle of St Thomas’s Hospital???? (sorry, you may have to watch through to the end to see what I’m talking about)

  • Ryan Haugarth

    This has no chance at having any viral success… a little heavy breathing… common i rarely spend a hour online w/o coming across more provocative content.

  • alan p

    Ah, the first “location” site to come out in the open about what will *really* drive the market ;-)


    not funny at all!!!

  • horoskopas 2010

    well, i thought it was some kind of . . . .


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