QuickPod extends product line

quickpod explorer
Strangely enough, that guy isn’t holding a QuickPod

Apologies for the bad pun in the title of this post, but QuickPod, makers of camera extension arms, have added a couple new products to their portfolio: the QuickPod Explorer and the QuickPod Pro+ Precision. In case you weren’t previously familiar with QuickPods, they’re telescoping poles to which you attach your camera, to allow you to take a better picture of yourself than you could otherwise do just holding the camera at arm’s reach.

quickpod explorer
The QuickPod Explorer is the longest QuickPod arm available, extending out to a whopping 38.5 inches, so you can be sure to get the whole scene behind you. The built-in mirror allows you to make sure you align your photo correctly before taking the picture. It also includes a base unit to convert the normally hand-held QuickPod format into a freestanding camera mount.

quickpod pro+ precisionThe QuickPod Pro+ Precision is an extension arm, but also includes an accessory for any tripod, monopod, Gorilla Pod or QuickPod that attaches between the mount and the camera. It includes two liquid levels, to help you make sure your camera is perfectly leveled before taking your shot. A neat idea, but probably not terribly useful when used with a hand-held QuickPod: those level indicators are probably too hard to see at that distance.

It’s easy to make fun of these things — as Greg observed in our chat room this afternoon “I love tools that allow us to isolate ourselves from others, even when in public” — but I’ve actually seen one in action and it proved to be quite useful. Sure, you can use a QuickPod to avoid asking strangers to take a picture for you, but you can also use it for all sorts of clever, totally-not-upskirt-picture purposes! Stay tuned for a review sometime in the very near future.