Academy Awards nominated films distributed by kopimi stations

kopimi station
If you somehow managed to avoid all the hype, you might not know that the Academy Awards were handed out this weekend. There were preview shows, review shows, and Oscar-related goings-on all over television all weekend long. The Free Art and Technology Lab threw their own little Academy Award party this weekend by making all the nominated films available to anyone with a USB drive.

At a variety of locations around the world, so-called “kopimi” (Get it? “Copy me”! Get it?) stations were erected to dump the films onto USB media. While we here at CrunchGear don’t condone this kind of flagrant copyright violation, we are impressed by the cleverness of this hack. Stick your media into the station, press a button, and walk away with content you want!

It would be grand to see this concept applied to legitimate content delivery.

Via Make.