PRX-2000T: Casio updates its Protrek watch series


Casio Japan announced the PRX-2000T [JP], the newest addition to it series of Protrek watches, which are geared towards sports and trekking enthusiasts. The new model is just 11.3mm thick and features a titanium with carbide coating band and bezel (weight: 105g).

It comes with a triple sensor to measure temperature, altitude, direction and atmospheric pressure (Casio claims this Protrek is the world’s slimmest watch that incorporates these functions). The PRX-2000T can receive signals of all the six different time calibration signals used in the world.


The watch will go on sale in Japan on April 1 for $1,000. Casio will produce 500 units monthly but hasn’t said yet whether the new Protrek will be available outside Japan as well.