Yes, Virginia, there is a red Xbox 360 on the way


Rumor smashed! Wait, no, the other one… confirmed. Sorry! Anyhow, Microsoft has inadvertently (?) revealed the existence of the red Xbox 360 that we mentioned the other day. It’s an Elite, and it will be exclusive to EB Games. Well, that’s what’s going to happen in New Zealand; what happens in god old USA, who knows.

The shocking revelation comes from a Halo Wares-related e-mail that was sent to New Zealand retailers. The relevant portion:

Xbox 360 Halo Wars Standard Edition, $99.95 RRP. This Halo Wars offer does not apply to the Red Xbox 360 Elite console which is exclusive to EB games.

So there you have it, confirmation. From what I understand, President Obama is planning to throw a party at the White House in order to celebrate the system’s release.