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I managed to grab a video interview with Travis Katz, international head of MySpace at Mobile World Congress today. In it he talks about MySpace’s announcement of its integration with the new Palm Pre and the new Nokia flagship phones. MySpace will now have integrated apps for all the major phones, including the existing Blackberry and iPhone apps, and it’s the only social network on the Android platform right now.

Katz said mobile traffic to MySpace is exploding at the moment, up to 20m users now, from only 4m a year a go. They are seeing 50% growth in the US, 80% in Europe and 60% in Asia. It’s no surprise then that they view the future of the company as being more and more mobile-based. They’ve had “several Million” downloads of the MySpace iphone app.

I asked him about full streaming of music but while he said they already have streaming video from their WAP site, “music is an obvious extension and we’re talking to carriers about that.”

We also talked about the spilt between native apps and the web, and their desire to bring more advanced services to users of non-smartphones – to which end they re-launched their WAP site this week.

Location based services are an “exciting” opportnity, but user privacy needs to be protected.” Ultimately they see great social aspects to location, but marrying advertising with location is a “hugely powerful opportunity for us”. MySpace is “Focusing a lot of energy on it.”

And what happens after the Google advertising deal ends? Guess what, they “can’t talk about what happens afterwards.”

  • Francis Simisim

    It will be a new battlefield for the big guys, but definitely a lucrative market if they get in it first.


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  • Omer

    Definitely a lucrative market. My blackberry has the facebook ‘app’ on it, but it’s sort of useless. Just doesn’t ‘feel’ like the real thing and its a bit clumsy. If they improved it, i could definitely see a lot more people using it, especially with the growth of smartphones.

    • GDI

      Agreed. Facebook app on my blackberry is definitely useless too.

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  • Chaz

    Mobile is a powerful opportunity?

    I suppose my only response is “O RLY?”


    thank you for confirming that location based services is a huge opportunity. i dont believe myspac has the “experience” to harness the long tail small business social network experience. small businesses will never promote themselves as a social profile at myspace and that is just common sense.

  • michael

    Google has been pushing a location based ‘future’ for ages now but of course what they and others still have not figured out yet is how to create an efficient system with large amounts of local data overlaid on maps. Computers crash, maps stall, data goes awol etc. We’ve been working on this for years and finally discovered one way though…

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  • Ramneek Bhasin

    It is indeed shaping up to be a land grab between MySpace and Facebook – to use mobile as the key lever to retain or break away users from one another. But, will the user experience these big boys deliver be sufficient as a driver to break users away? Users want a seamless experience between desktop and mobile for their use patterns, digital and media assets – personal or business. So, if done right – you bet. More thoughts on my blog.

  • Steve Bomber

    In other news, “Gold discovered to be valuable.”

  • Eric Joseph M Peterson

    Ppl are not going to leave either social site, as they have contacts on both?…why would they?
    dah?….just becasue of
    a video app?
    90% dont have a smart phone…how about a text app on both chat to text?
    If all the social sites allowed ppl to make money promoting small buisness’s discretely and not spamming…more ppl would join the gold rush…
    holding ppl back…is lame..user agreement needs to be change so ppl can promote more..not less.
    facebook isn’t the only one who want to cash in?

    • Ramneek Bhasin

      Eric – As I say on my blog ( – if the use experience is done right, people will gravitate towards the more friendly site even though they may have networks on both. IOW, more customer engagement to the sites that get it.

  • Adam Jackson

    “MySpace Thinks Mobile Is A “Hugely Powerful Opportunity””

    And this is why their mobile site, iPhone app and other mobile properties suck? If that’s a real quote then why is Facebook’s iPhone app and mobile site kicking your ass?

    Just my 2 cents.

  • mabilo

    seems like myspace might just has it

  • Frank Nunez

    Myspace Comment {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”Myspace Comment  “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

  • ollie

    does WAP even matter anymore?

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  • ghunda

    It is a huge opportunity …for people who know how to make money, which means Facebook and MySpace are screwed.

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  • al

    what google ad deal?
    i thought they worked with millennial

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  • Loula

    Great interview, fascinating insight, very informative…

  • Free Gift Cards

    I like MySpase, as for me it is the best all in one sosial network in the internet, music, videos, communities, chatting all of this stuff I enjoing at MySpace. It’s good to have it on the phones.

  • jules diner

    Kara Swisher did a good interview with Travis Katz

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