Now you can play that new Prince of Persia on your Mac (plus unrelated censorship anecdote)


Is it still called “PC gaming” when it’s done on a Mac? I’d ask Ubisoft, which just announced that Prince of Persia and that Shaun White snowboarding game will be available on the Mac in March, but it seems my Internet connection is being censored by The Man right now. Censorship makes the Internet Jesus cry.

Right, so the games will be available to download from Ubisoft’s designated downloading Web site. I hear that Shaun White game was a bit of a disappointment, and Zero Punctuation didn’t like Prince of Persia, either, so…

More importantly, does anyone know why that YouTube censorship thing is happening to me? I’m currently in Portugal, so maybe the country’s or the hotel’s ISP is run by the Taliban? Me is confuzed!