Huzzah! Garmin gives Forerunner 405 Mac support


Garmin has just announced ANT Agent for Mac , an ANT driver for OS X along with a desktop mapping app Garmin Connect. Why is this important? Because the Garmin 405 kicks ass for runners and Mac support is like a cherry on an already delicious cake made of happiness and exercise. And chocolate.

Soon you’ll be able to update your device software and GPS chipset to keep your device up to date. With future releases you’ll be able to send workouts and courses to the Forerunner 405 from Training Center and Garmin Connect, and independently send goals to the Forerunner 405 from Garmin Connect. Future releases will also enable you to update your Forerunner 405’s device software and GPS chipset.

Ant-icon If you’re running a PowerPC Mac, you can expect successful pairing and transfers. Just remember to power down before removing the ANT Stick. We’re currently working on additional support for PowerPC Mac systems. In order to be able to install and use the ANT Agent on your Mac, you need to have an Intel-based Mac with OS 104.4.11 or later. You’ll need to have 256 MB RAM and 150 MB of free disk space. Since the ANT Stick is the USB cable for the wireless devices, you’ll need a USB port as well.

I’m downloading and installing the goods right now. I’ll let you know how it goes.