Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in slides at Slidesix

Todd over at SlideSix recently cooked up a couple nice additions for this slide-sharing service, to make it a more useful offering in this age of mashups and interconnected media. First and foremost, he’s added a robust API to allow third-party integration, so enterprising developers can build upon the SlideSix foundation. And it’s now possible to search for and embed YouTube and Vimeo videos as slides into an existing SlideSix presentation.

In the SlideSix announcement post, Todd gives a good example of how easy it is to search for and embed videos, which I’ve included below. Will this kill Powerpoint? Hardly; but SlideSix and similar services make it less and less important to invest in desktop software.


We met Todd late last year, and were impressed with the quality of his work. He’s essentially a one-man shop kicking ass on his product. Todd’s Twitter stream is full of his passion as he shares his successes and frustrations. Good on yer, Todd!