Wristwatch-like Bluetooth accessory


These wrist-worn Bluetooth doodads seem to strike a delicate balance between full-fledged cell phones and feature-limited watch phones while at the same time alleviating the need to have a Bluetooth headset stuck in your ear all day. So instead of looking like you’re talking to yourself, you can look like you’re deeply engrossed in conversation with your forearm.

Japanese shop Adtec is selling this wristband Bluetooth headset for 5,980 Yen (about $65). It’s got a little speaker and microphone, volume buttons, and what I’m assuming is a call answer button right on the front. Battery life is good for about five hours and color options include white and grey.

No word on a US release but if you just can’t wait (or if this thing never gets released here), Brando sells a $110 Bluetooth watch (it’s considerably chunkier than the Adtec) or there’s the $25 vibrating Bluetooth bracelet from Chinavasion that alerts you to incoming calls but doesn’t function as a speakerphone.

Adtec Product Page (translated) [via DVICE]