Windows 7 RC already out to some beta testers?

windows-7-logo-300x300The geeks at Redmond might already be rolling out the Release Candidate of Windows 7 to select beta testers. A few of those testers have leaked some info including the releases name: 6.1.7048.winmain_win7rc1.090211-1625. Those two little letters of RC probably indicate that this is the release that many have been waiting for. The last beta, build 7022, is just a minor upgrade over the 7000 public beta, but the RC should offer enough goods to tempt upgrades. 

Build 7022 leaked to torrent sites days ago and hopefully the RC1 will follow shortly. Officially, this version wasn’t suppose to come out until April 2009, but maybe the initial beta test went better than Microsoft expected and moved the schedule up a bit.

Personally, I can’t wait until the full 64-bit Windows 7 is available. I haven’t been this excited about an OS since…well…ever. And I’m mostly a Mac user.