LG blacks out the Renoir, debuts it as the slightly improved KC910i


With just about everyone in Barcelona coming out with 8-megapixel cameraphones this week, LG’s taking the opportunity to polish up the 8-megapixel handset they announced back in October, the LG Renoir, with a revised model called the LG KC910i.

The original Renoir had one nasty flaw, tucked away in its camera screen: the user interface blocked part of the picture. You’d line up your shot and snap away, only to find that the framing in the final product was entirely different than what was on screen before. The KC910i fixes this, scaling the photo to fit in full within the UI – just as it should be. While this rehash is slightly thicker overall (new camera module?), they’ve knocked a bit of distance off the extension between the camera lens and the body, nixed the lens cover, and decked the whole thing out in black from side to side. The color change is minor, but it certainly makes the camera look a lot less cheap.

[Via GSMArena]