Leica and Panasonic will not be sitting in a tree, have no intention to K-I-S-S


Rumor has it that Leica is considering selling off its low-end digicam business to Panasonic. Panasonic already OEMs Leica’s point-and-shoot line so it makes a lot of sense but of course Leica is denying it.

The original rumor popped up last week when there was speculation that the Leica/Lumix partnership would blossom into something more like a merger. Sadly, Leica says no.

However, a Leica UK spokesman told Amateur Photographer that Leica will ‘always be at the receiving end of company strategy speculation’.

A UK spokeswoman for Panasonic said that talk on the internet was just a ‘rumour’.

Oh well. Back to the meat slicer.