CrunchDeals: Free Archos DVR Station with Archos 5 purchase


If you’ve been eyeing the Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet but you’re not keen on the thought of shelling out another $100 for the DVR dock, you can get one for free at Amazon until Saturday. Purchase an Archos 5 120GB or Archos 5 250GB and add the Archos DVR Station to your cart and you’ll get $89.49 (the price of the DVR dock) lopped off the total price.

The DVR Station adds a heap of functionality to Archos 5 and 7 devices, providing guide-based TV recording, a remote control for easy playback, and HDMI output for 720p content (you have to purchase the $20 HD plugin, unfortunately). There’s also SPDIF audio output if you want to hook everything up to some nicer speakers.

The big feature, though, is the DVR stuff. You can program shows to record directly to your device and then pop it out of the dock and take it on the bus, subway, in the car.

Get a Free DVR Station with Select Archos 5 Internet Media Tablets [Amazon via dealnews]