Toys: ‘Duck Hunter’ looks awesome


Take a pair of flying robotic ducks, sprinkle in a little laser tag, and you’ve got the makings of a wonderful evening. Boing Boing Gadgets happened upon “Duck Hunter” by Interactive Toy Concepts, a game that looks a lot like a live-action version of everyone’s favorite NES Zapper game, minus the stupid laughing dog. Seriously – train your dog! You gotta start early. If your dog laughs at you every time you shoot at and miss a flying duck, say “NO!” sternly.

In Duck Hunter, however, there’s no dog. Just you, an infrared laser tag-like gun, and one or two flying ducks. Hit a duck once, it’ll slow him down for a moment. Hit it again, and it’ll do the same. The third shot’s the charm, bringing that flying robot to the ground. Mmmm… looks like someone’s eating delicious plastic pieces and tiny electronics tonight!

The game will be available “within the next month or two,” according to BBG, and it’ll cost $30 for one bird or $40 for two birds. A two player version is expected shortly thereafter, with one player playing the part of hunter and the other controlling the duck(s) remotely.