Tap tap revolution: WinMo 6.5

Like lipstick on a pig, here comes WinMo 6.5: the next amazing interface from everyone’s favorite mobile software company. I could go the “Looks like iPhone” route, but I won’t. In fact, Microsoft should have been way ahead of the game six years ago yet they clung to a dated OS for so long that this looks like catch up – to the freaking Palm Pre. While I’m sure a lot of man-hours went into producing this, those man-hours should have been put in before the iPhone was a glimmer in Steve’s eye. Sadly, as we all know, Microsoft is Me Too and not Me First.

Dvorak kind of agrees with me (“Windows Mobile 6.5… CRIPES! Are you kidding me?”) and Greg hasn’t seen this thing yet at MWC so feel free to hold back judgment but I’d say “cripes” is right. I’ve been waiting for a reason to like WinMo and this isn’t it. This is just WinMo with a new shell and, from what I can tell, very little in terms of earth-shattering improvement. My Phone is basically Handango plus Active Sync. Oh well, some companies can never win.