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Gighit is a new site offering wiki style content to music lovers and UK music gig goers. It’s designed to recommend bands, reminding users of upcoming gigs and allow access to ticketing. originally launched in 2005, acting as a forerunner to successful sites like iLike and Last FM. You can integrate your Facebook, Last FM, iLike and Twitter, add information you already have on other sites, add location and firends. Gighit is coming out of a Caffeinehit, a web design consultancy.

Business IT Online, the specialist supplier of Web-based services for small businesses, is now including a shop for discounted office supplies among its services. All readers of Techcrunch are invited to benefit from a 10 per cent discount on purchases made today by entering the discount code [TC] on the final payment page. is a new Web app by developer Joel Hughes which lets you vote either Good or “Baad” (geddit?) on (almost) any topic you can think of. You can change your mind as often as you like (only your most recent vote counts). Disqus integration means you can debate the reasons why a topic is good or bad on comments. Competitors might (I stress might) include,,,, Although I doubt they will be too troubled as this is a part-time project from the developer. is planning a March public beta. The Bristol startup is playing its cards close to its chest but an exec summary I’ve seen says they plan to develop their app to allow digital agencies, designers and developers to manage their own or their clients online services.

Small businesses wishing to set-up a webpresence with e-commerce functionalities now have a new option inthe shape of a new solution from London-based startup WebJam. By combining the ecommerce shop service from Venda (Historical point: emerged from the ashes of back in the Cretaceous era) they’ve created a publishing, community and e-commerce site with an easy to use interface at pretty affordable prices (a few dozen pounds a month). The cross-distribution of the respective services will launch by the end of Q1 2009.

Omni-ID, a UK–based provider of passive ultra high frequency RFID technology, raised £10 million in Series C funding from Cody Gate Ventures, which Omni will use to increase manufacturing capacity and speed-up penetration into the Asian market.

ScoreGrid is a South African Based startup launched in beta recently after a year in stealth mode. It has $700,000 in Angel funding to provide live tracking of football (soccer) games using a combination of manual input and home grown software. The data is interpreted using ScoreGrid’s game visualisation tools and broadcast live. What’s the upshot? A “heat map” of football games which let you also see in-depth statistical graphs on how long the ball was possessed by each side, how long it was in each half, as well as visuals of ball movement and events during the game as it is played out. The site currently covers the Barclays English Premier League and the UEFA champion league. The app may be of interested to sports rights owners – like Sky – that could augment their live coverage with data online.

Over Valentines Day, London-based mobile startup Flirtomatic let its users send real presents to each other, aside from the usual virtual flowers they can usually send. Chocolate hearts and a Flirtomatic ‘Panty-rose’, were packed up lovingly by Flirtomatic staff from their Soho office. Mark Curtis, CEO says knickers and roses are two of the most popular pieces of content sent between users (over 130,000 in 2008). So now you know.

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    If any of you guys want to demo at the London Technology Summit this Friday, there’s still time — just — to get a submission in: go to for details. but be quick!


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    like the look of gighit! nice work andy!

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    “ is a new is a new Web app by developer Joel Hughes”

    “The Bristol startup is playing its cards close to its chest but and Exec summart I’ve seen says they plan to”

    “now have a new option inthe shape of a new solution from London-based startup WebJam. By combining the ecommerc shop service from Venda”

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    I like this kind of roundup. Helps for reporting on stuff which can’t justify a full article too.

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    Apologies for the typos.

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    Thanks for the write up! Much appreciated, wasn’t too sure how to take the comments about how Good Baad’s competitors probably wouldn’t be worried. So I blogged it

    My aim is to inspire other developers to do the same, why shouldn’t individuals with the right skills be able to compete on some level?

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    Oops! Missed one!

    What do you get when you cross with – the new online search and comparison site for car owners. Search and compare prices for standard car servicing, get quotes for repairs online AND book direct. Linking thousands of independent garages with millions of car owners.

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