Sled uses ice packs for summertime fun


Winter may or may not be slowly drawing to a close, but fear not; you can hedge your bets if you’re in the market for a sled by purchasing the Slicer. It’s a sled for use in the winter and in the summer, further proving my theory that kids these days have awesome toys.

The magic of the Slicer lies in the two removable “Icers” – basically big ice trays that each produce a large block of frozen fun. They’re not needed in the winter, of course, but come summertime, just fill the Icers with water, pop them in the freezer, and slap them to the bottom of the Slicer once frozen. The rest will be a melting, grass-covered downhill brouhaha.


I mean, just look at this kid. He’s having a blast! His hair says, “Hey, I’m serious about my primary education,” but his white-knuckled grip and nervous smile is screaming, “I can’t believe I’m fucking sledding in the middle of summer! Why is everybody staring at me?! I feel alive!”

You, too, can look like this kid for $70 – that’ll nab you the Slicer and two ice packs. Extra ice packs are $20 for two. If $70 sounds like way too much for a sled, it is! But remember the part about summertime sledding. Can you really put a price on that? When all the other kids are at the pool or playing on the Slip and Slide, your kid can be wearing a long sleeve shirt and jeans with his hair slicked back, sliding down the abandoned snow hill in July. Priceless!

SLICER by ice meister [ via Cool Hunting]