CrunchDeals: $99 Guitar/Mandolin package


Wow, now this is something I can get behind: a $99 acoustic guitar and mandolin pack with free shipping. Think about it: once we reach the nadir of this depression, bloggers will have to become roving troubadours singing tales of the Silicon Bowl and busking for nickels near train depots.

Therefore, this is an excellent, economical solution for us all. Single-person blogs can just play the guitar as hoe-down musicians while multi-person blogs like this one or Politico can create blogging jug bands, trilling out the news of the day in 4/4 time with an eye towards rhyme and hyperbole.

Come gather ’round me children/A story I will tell/Bout Bernie Madoff the outlaw/Manhattan knew him well.

It was in the town of Palm Beach/Your Bubbe knows the scene/That Pretty Boy Bernie Madoff/Started up his Ponzi scheme

Use the coupon code “MusicTen” on checkout.

via BBG