iSkoot's Kalaida Platform Makes Your Plain Phone Smarter

iSkoot, the startup that specializes in creating software for the billions of mobile phones that aren’t smartphones, has released its new Kalaida Platform, allowing users to access their social networks, RSS feeds, and Email from their basic cell phones. The platform is the same one that powers iSkoot’s recently-released Notifier application available on AT&T’s Media Mall, but will be available to a broad range of carriers and has more supported services.

The platform includes support for Facebook, Email, instant messaging, and RSS news services, and international carriers can add or remove services to suit their regions. Kalaida Platform is a big step for the company, which was previously best known for its mobile Skype client. The platform stems from iSkoot’s acquision of last September.

iSkoot’s Kalaida Platform works with most phones, but it still requires a dataplan – something that many users with basic phones don’t have (at least in the United States). The carriers will love this, as it will drive some users to spring for their unlimited data packages, but iSkoot will still have to fend off competitors, who include Mig33 and Trutap.

We should also note that iSkoot has finally ditched its funky purple skooter logo in favor of something a little more professional (looks like that $19 million funding round paid off).