Elevator Pitch Friday: Relenta Provides Economy Friendly CRM Solutions To Small Businesses

This week’s elevator pitch comes from Relenta, a SaaS email-centric contact and task management platform. The pitch was concise and explained the product well but should have indicated more clearly how Relenta’s business model is viable (a.k.a. how they are going to make money).

Relenta is an all-in-one email/customer relationship management/group calendar/mailing list management/task management application that displays activity in a chronological stream for users. Relenta’s CRM doesn’t seem to be offering different services than other big name CRMs, such as Salesforce, Zoho or SugarCRM, but Relenta’s all-in-one package offers several different types of software in one application. Small businesses who are trying to cut costs (though in this economy, all businesses are being mindful of software expenses) could find this product particularly useful. Relenta’s monthly rate is $25 per user with an allowance of 2500 contacts per user. Users can also add contacts for an additional fee.

It appears that customers are satisfied with Relenta’s product from its customer feedback site. And like we predicted, most of Relenta’s customer base draws from small businesses. Relenta’s price seems right nd customers (many of who used Salesforce previously) feel that Relenta’s customer service rivals those of the bigger CRM providers.

It’s tough to tell whether Relenta’s product will take off in a sea of similar applications but its always fun to root for the underdog.

Here are some screenshots of the system: